I have a passion for my work with language. Animalation’s books are the result of that passion. Nothing is more meaningful to me than writing these books and seeing the joy in the children’s eyes, as the books are introduced to children in our schools.

Author Patricia Derrick, has owned early learning centers for 29 years in four states (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada). Patricia Derrick holds a BS and M.Ed. in Education, University of Utah. Patricia has been writing children’s rhyming verses for many years and using them in her schools. Those rhyming verses have evolved into children’s books.

Background includes: Associate Professor, Metropolitan State College at Mesa College, Grand Junction, Colorado; taught Teacher Certification, supervised student teachers at 14 schools. Classroom teacher in Salt Lake public schools, 9 years.

Animalation’s books are unique because they combine reading, music, rhythm, rhyme and movement.

The original song on the accompanying CD, sings the words to the text. By singing the song, the child is able to follow along with the words in the book. Soon the child is able to read along as the book is read to him/her.

It is our philosophy in developing Animalation’s books that young children enjoy “big words” as long as they are broken into syllables. In our early learning schools, we have first-hand knowledge of how children can incorporate “big words” into their vocabulary.

Children familiar with Animalation’s books feel comfortable participating in a variety of ways: singing, dancing, repeating rhyming verses and acting out “character parts” in the books.