Animalations apps are available in 122 countries with the greatest downloads in USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, China, Japan, Australia, Chile, Thailand, France, Singapore, Jamaica, Indonesia, India and United Arab Emirates. ‘Non-English’ speaking learners enjoy each story as they learn the English language.

An original song – sings the words in the text of the story.  Pre-readers and non-English speaking learners around the world can now sing-along: The inclusion of a musical CD is ingenious. It elevates the books to more than a reading experience. By employing the musical CD, the author gives the teacher more tools for teaching.

-Writer’s Digest

The rhyming and phonics, both crucial elements of language development, will help children to develop critical language skills. But the children will not notice that they are learning as they read and sing along to the simple stories. They will be too busy giggling at the silly illustrations and dancing to the lively tunes.

-Lyda Whiting, Awareness magazine

This series of brightly-colored picture books is specifically designed for the amusement of children ages 2 to 8. The texts emphasize rhythm, rhyme and repetition, while each charming and lively volume is accompanied by the inclusion of a 5-minute musical audio CD. . . . Enthusiastically recommended.

-Midwest Book Review

Derrick has penned a series of very amusing books for children aged 2 to 8 that will appeal to the natural inclination of children to enjoy imaginary friends and the author provides some wonderful ones. The illustrations of these books are superb and there is no doubt that young readers will improve their reading skills, but most of all they will be enjoying the stories and artwork.

-Alan Caruba,

Current brain research has established a positive link between preschoolers; exposure to music, rhyme, and rhythm, and future reading ability. This series is created by a college professor with a master’s in education and thirty years’ experience in early childhood education, is one of the first packages designed specifically to support these research findings. This language program for pre-readers consists of a picture book, a CD that sets the words of the story to music, and accompanying materials like sheet music and ideas for instructional activities bound along with the story.

-Maryann Batsakis, Foreward Magazine

Children will love the Animalations books series. They are filled with fast paced rhyme, alliteration and hilarious illustrations …the stuff that makes kids want to read. The musical CD captures the essence of Derrick’s rhyme from Montgomery the Moose to Riley the Rhinoceros.

-Frank Fiorello, Pumpkin Patch Publishing

Animalations books are dynamic books that boys and girls will want to read over and over again. They will build and enhance early literacy skills through rhyme and repetition.

-Shaun Pacquette, Principal Guy Elementary School, Clarke County School District, LV, NV