INTELLITALE is the first in a series of learning DVD’s for young children. Intellitales includes 13 original songs with young children and animals performing the activities in each song. Performances include dancing, marching, tapping to the beat of the music and following directives in the song. Simple household objects are used, such as spoons and plates for tapping, sticks for keeping the beat, and animals for counting. INTELLITALE songs are short and lively. Children will learn to sing and follow along with the young children in the video as they perform. INTELLITALE encourages participation. Participation of children and adults, presented in a musical environment, provides multi-sensory stimulation that fires neurons in the brain and creates stronger connections between neurons. Multi-sensory stimulation is critical for young children in brain development. Simply watching a video provides some stimulation, but multi-sensory involvement completes the learning experience for the child. INTELLITALE features young children performing rather than puppets. Children immediately relate to the children on the video and start following along without being told to do so. INTELLITALE will be available soon on and other venues. Schools and libraries may email for a complimentary copy. This complimentary offer will continue through July 2009. Be the first in your community to make the change to multi-sensory videos for your child. Early years are precious years. Every experience is valuable. INTELLITALE is a DVD that your child will ask for over and over again because participation makes the experience “come alive” for your child.